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Experienced with wood floor

In most situations, a hardwood floor doesn’t even need to be sanded, stained and refinished. Your wood floor may have become dull or hazy looking because of dirt trapped in the pores of the wood or because of wood floor polishing products that are acrylic or wax based. These products temporarily create a temporary deep luster, but after some time they turn hazy. Our intensive, low-moisture, three-step cleaning process removes the wax polish and the dirt embedded in the pores of the wood and leaves the wood planks looking clean, fresh, and inviting. On occasion, after the hardwood has been cleaned it may need to be recoated with a finish, but in most cases after our intensive cleaning system the floor is gorgeous as-is without having to do anything further.

We have a great deal of experience with effectively cleaning hardwood, commercial vinyl tile & laminate floors, and we use only the best tools for the job. Our hardwood, commercial vinyl tile & laminate floor cleaning process ensures that your floors will be spotless and sparkling by the time we’re through with them. We use environmentally friendly products to ensure that your business is as green as possible. Read on to learn more about our hardwood floor cleaning service.

Hardwood Cleaning

The Process of Hardwood Floor Cleaning Our highly trained technicians use an organized process to clean hardwood floors because this is the most efficient way to produce excellent results. The process starts with an inspection. Our technicians will identify the problem areas on your hardwood floors so that they know to give these areas special attention when cleaning. Once the inspection is complete, our professional cleaners will use a commercial-strength vacuum to remove dirt and debris from your hardwood floors. After vacuuming, we will use a powerful scrubber to remove residue from your floors. When the scrubbing is complete, we will carefully and thoroughly dry your floors. This will allow your business to return to normal operations as soon as possible. At this point, you will have the opportunity to inspect your floors to ensure that you are happy with our cleaning.

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Environmental Products

We Proudly Use Environmentally Friendly Products We use green products to ensure that your business is as environmentally friendly as possible. When we scrub your floors, we will use an environmentally safe cleaning liquid. This liquid is non-toxic, yet it is still powerful enough to remove stains and residue from your floors.

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